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Emerald Ray Botanicals


Emerald Ray Botanicals arose from a place of love with the vision to help others have access to healthier all-natural products with ingredients you are familiar with and trust.

The journey began when founder Chloe Long underwent a spiritual awakening and experienced what it means to live in true harmony with the world. She learned that this includes what we put both in and on our physical bodies. As a result, she eliminated many of the household and beauty products she used containing toxic, harmful ingredients. These products included hair care, skin care, cleaning essentials, makeup, medicines, vitamins, and many others and began replacing them with natural-based products that were better for our bodies and the planet as a whole. It was disconcerting to realize that even products advertised as “eco-friendly” and “organic” still contain many toxic, mood destabilizing and even cancer-causing chemicals. Did you know, for example, that the ingredients in many household and beauty products disrupt our bodies’ natural hormone production, causing ill effects to our mental and physical health? These effects are akin to having a poor diet and not exercising regularly.

Chloe’s vision is to help others on their journey to healthy, elevated self-care and self-love. The most important goal of Emerald Ray Botanicals is to educate people on what they are putting in and on their bodies and to make sure they are using the healthiest products possible.  Thus, part of achieving our vision is helping our customers know precisely what is contained in our products and what purpose they serve.  It was a natural progression for Chloe to create her own skin care and botanical products line – to ensure you take care of the one precious and unique body you have.

With Emerald Ray Botanicals, we aim to align your body in its healthiest state, in sync with the way nature intended for us.

Chloe Long

Best known for being on MTV’s reality show Siesta Key, she is also the CEO of multiple businesses including Emerald Ray Botanicals and formerly The Metamorphosis Retreat. After undergoing a spiritual awakening a few years ago, she has since chosen to follow an all-natural and organic lifestyle. Her mission in life is to help others awaken to their highest potential through personal coaching, retreats, seminars, and product education.

Chloe also attended cosmetology school where she first developed a passion for skin and hair care. Her combined experience, belief, and knowledge gave rise to Emerald Ray Botanicals – which in turn has given her the opportunity to educate others on both the amazing physical and metaphysical benefits of all-natural products. She looks forward to the future release of many more products to help the greater collective of customers in their quest to live a life in tune with nature and the Earth.

Emerald Ray Botanicals

Angela Mynatt

Angela is a Florida native born and raised in Sarasota, FL. She has also lived briefly in California, Guam, and Atlanta, GA. She is a chef turned yoga teacher; 500 RYT – Hatha alignment based Yoga, Vinyasa,  therapy in fascia-myofascial release, and licensed Reiki Master.  “I have been teaching yoga now for 15 years and love to help people learn how to breathe correctly and move away from harmful pharmaceuticals.”

She is an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana and adult use. She explained it this way, “I support anyone to make their own decision of what they put into their body! I definitely support the use of a natural  plant; but I also encourage balance and education.” Angela is the founder and CEO of the popular Mindful Medicinal Dispensary and Spa located in Sarasota, FL.

Angela is now teaming up with Emerald Ray Botanicals, the successful plant-based skin care line, beginning with its powerful and transformative CBD Face Oil.